5 Ways To Impress Your First Date

You have had this crush on the drop dead gorgeous girl for a while now, and you finally mustered the gut to ask her out. Good for you! The first date is a tricky affair, with both parties walking on eggshells around each other. You want the other person to see the better part of you, even if at times it means sacrificing the real you. Here’s how to do it without looking awkward.

Be Punctual

You may be a chronic ‘fashionably late’ kind of person, but your date does not know that. It is courteous to show up in time for the because first impressions are everything. You may attempt to charm yourself out of it to help your date forget that you showed up late, but it could leave a bitter taste in their mouth, especially if they are sticklers to time.

Offer to Pay

Nowadays, it can be tough to know who’s supposed to pay for the date. Some people still believe the man should pay, others think you should always split — and that’s just for heterosexual couples!

The easiest way to decide is always to offer to pay or split the bill. One good rule of thumb is that whoever asks the other should pay, but you should find whatever works for you and your date. If your offer to settle is turned down, don’t keep pushing.

Switch Your Phone Off

Our world is technologically invaded, and this is not entirely a bad thing. We just need to know when to turn the virtual world off and dwell in the real one. If you keep that phone on and make her compete for your attention, it might be the last date you two are going to have. A few hours of your time away from social media will not ruin your social status, so you may want to put that phone away and engage him in a real conversation.

A Date Is Not an Interrogation

You may feel like you just met the one and you want to know as much about them as possible, but be careful not to sound like an interrogator. You do not want to scare them with conversations that are too deep for a first date, like whether they have any plans to get married soon, or how many kids they may want to have. You do not know whether they want children in the first place, but instead, you want to keep the conversation light and save the personal ones for later.

Be Engaging

Do not bore your date by droning on and on about yourself and you numerous achievements. They are not interested in a one-sided conversation. This would be the ideal time to put your listening abilities to the test. Make them feel as though you are more interested in listening to them than you are in talking. Additionally, the more you listen to them, the more you will find out about them.

First dates are always jittery. Whenever possible, dine at a place that is comfortable for both of you. You may want to please them too much that you pull a trick that you thought could be a charmer, only to backfire on you. Stick to the simpler plans. They always work best. And, when you fall in love, http://www.theweddingsinger.uk.com/wedding-music-yorkshire.htm is the place to start your quest for a world-class wedding singer!