Choosing the Best Vacuum for a Hardwood Floor

Days are gone when you had to choose a vacuum cleaner for a specific kind of floor. You now have the luxury of having a multi-functional vacuum cleaner that cut s across board. Though there are a number of models available on the market, you need to exercise caution when choosing the best model for handling hardwood floors. Let us look at the factors to consider when choosing a cleaner for hardwood floors for your home or office.

Suction Ability and Maneuverability

Your vacuum should be able to suck out as much dirt and dust as possible without being clogged during the process. Additionally, you need one that you can maneuver easily. The vacuum must be able to clean even the remotest of corners.

Less Damage to the Wood

The vacuum should leave your floor unaltered whether you are transitioning from the carpet to the hardwood. A lot of the vacuum cleaners on the market disregard this fact, leading to dents and cracks on the floor.

Additional Features

Apart from the vacuum having great suction abilities, it should also have additional features that can boost its performance. Some of the features you can look out for include extra swivel heads and empty cup technologies. However, you need to evaluate the feature against the benefits you are expected to receive. One of the features you need to look out for is the weight of the vacuum, because it determines the comfort level when using the machine.

Consider the brush bar power. A higher brush bar power means the vacuum can drive the bristles deeper thereby releasing more dust and dirt from the carpet.

Superior Suction

For pet lovers, you need to find the best suction strength to eliminate the fur and pet dander in the home. In such cases, you need a vacuum that has superior suction. The suction should be superior enough to suck most of the pet hair from the floor in one go. Suction power is measured in air watts.


The vacuum should be designed for durability. You need to use the vacuum for long without having to replace the parts. You can read on various online reviews to find out how the vacuum performs before you make a decision. Whatever the case, make sure the vacuum gives you value for money at all times.

Model Type

There are so many models for you to choose from, depending on your needs and preferences. One of the most popular models is the upright model. The upright position makes it easy for you to steer the machine without stooping too low. This upright position reduces the level of discomfort, making sure you vacuum for longer without getting tired. This also makes sure you clean a larger part of the house even if you have back problems.

Final Thoughts

Make sure the vacuum you choose for cleaning your hardwood floor is ideal. It should leave the floor unaltered and clean. Check the top list to understand the most recommended models for your hardwood floors. Understand the features for each vacuum before you make the final decision.