Classification Of Music Videos

Music is one of the most famous forms of entertainment that people from all parts of the world have been enjoying for many decades. Music videos have become a great attraction to listeners over the last two decades. Musicians now spend even millions to produce music videos as they understand the impact they have on their music. Not all music videos are created the same as they also have different goals. The following are the different types of videos in the market today

Traditional videos

They are the most common, whereby the musician will be recorded performing the song. It is the work of the music director to come up with the video concept and get people on board. The choice of equipment will depend on the budget and resources available. Such videos can involve the performers alone or a multitude of people depending on the concept and the intended message.


It is a new concept that it is taking the visual industry by storm. You can upload clips of what happens behind the scenes as you make your music. You can also engage your fans and answers their burning questions through this approach. It is one of the best ways to let fans to understand you better and create worthy connections. You can also request your fans to send recorded videos of themselves as they jam to your music.


It is a concept where you do not need expensive cameras and actors to make your music videos. All you need is the right animation software and creativity to get rolling. Animations are known to be eye-catching, but it may take time to come up with the perfect video. You can find some software with drag-and-drop editors where you can use custom images to make the videos of your choice.


Most people confuse between animation and anime music videos. The latter is a concept from Japan whereby video creators take clips from their favorite shows and mix it with music to come up with videos. You need to be an expert in mixing the clips and lip-sync to make sure that the product is seamless. Anime Whiz is an awesome resource when it comes to these types of videos.

Still photos

It is a concept where you upload a slideshow of photos to accompany your music. It is common with upcoming musicians without a budget for music videos. You can also upload behind-the-scenes photos before the video is ready for mass consumption.