Components And Technique Used In Massage Chair

In this fast moving and hectic world, all you need is a good massage after a long day at work. Massage gives you relief from all the tensions, body pain etc. Massage also helps in getting a proper sleep. Nowadays, almost all the therapists use the massage chair for their client.

If you are a therapist you must own a massage chair, because many clients get tired spending whole day at work and don’t have enough energy to come to you for massage. These clients seek services at home and if you have a portable massage chair you can easily visit the client’s house to give them massage. So this chair will also help you in increasing the business.  You can purchase the massage chair on at very reasonable rate.

Massage therapy techniques

There are two types of technique which are used for massing in the massage chair. These include:

Shiatsu – this type of technique is used in sweeping, pressing, rolling, patting and rotating movements. The main characteristic of shiatsu is that it completely focuses on location of body which has a tension point.

Swedish massage – the main characteristic of this type of massage is that it gives kneading motions and long gliding massage. The main aim of this type of massage is that it helps in strong and proper circulation of oxygen and blood.

Components of massage chair

The main components of massage chair are –

Motor of massage chairs – motor is one of the most essential components in the massage chair. These motors give the power to Nodes and rollers which allow them to move around the necessary body parts and also allow the needed adjustment for the person who sits on the chair. Nodes and rollers can be controlled through the remote which is stuck on the chair’s hand. As you give the direction, they massage from top spine to lower back of your body.

Nodes and rollers of massage chair – nodes and rollers can be in varying shape and size. Massage chair that has large rollers and nodes give more generalized approach while the chairs that have smaller rollers and nodes give more detailed and point specific massage. They target a specific location of the body and move to upper and lower body continuously.

Automatic adjustability of massage chair – this is one of the most important factors of massage chair. These chairs are designed in such a way that they automatically adjust according to the person’s weight, width and height. According to the adjustment, nodes and rollers are also adjusted in order to give you a proper massage.