Flexispy: Recent User Reviews

Flexispy is one of the fastest growing apps that never stops its development and always introduces us new and improved features to make the whole process of monitoring a simple breeze. Today we are going to post some recent user reviews for our readers to see if this app still provides its best.

Review 1: I’ve never used another other spy phones before, and Flexispy was my very first program to try this out. I’ve heard about the first spy phone for more than two years ago, though no applications could actually provide this at a reasonable price, charging the very high amounts for a monthly subscription. Just imagine, if you have to pay $50 for a single program monthly, how are you supposed to make it, if your salary doesn’t get above $1000? Well, perhaps in the extreme cases, we could afford ourselves such subscription though longer than for 1 month, making the whole experience pretty much awkward when the subscription runs out. Now imagine that a spy phone is just one of many useful apps on your mobile and other application may also charge you some money. Recently though, I have stumbled upon Flexispy and their prices turned out to be suitable for my budget, so I finally gave it a go. Despite having to pay my hard earned thirty bucks every month, I am really satisfied with what this program actually does. This use is very simple and I didn’t have any problems whatsoever. I could say that I enjoy having Flexispy very much and I never regret making it the spy phone of my choice.

Review 2: Being a mid-aged woman, I’m not at all savvy at all these cellphones and god forbid, the computers. In recent though, I have had a necessity to detect whether my husband was cheating on me. I know this sounds pretty common, and there are plenty ways of figuring it out. But as I’ve been really busy with work, I couldn’t think of anything better than installing Spy Phone on his mobile device. Among the first apps that attracted my attention were the Flexispy and as it had the affordable price I have signed for their terms. Contrary to my expectations, the installation was a breeze, thank much for the enclosed instructions that are available in the package. They are quite very detailed so it looks like even I didn’t miss anything and have done it correctly. It didn’t take me longer than 2 days to find out that my husband actually had an affair, though it didn’t seem to get any far. Anyway, since I’m not supposed to review my hubby here, I must say that as an application, Flexispy did an excellent job, and I never regret subscribing for their service. These who have a necessity find out, have it in mind… a very powerful tool!

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