Handy Tips for Small YouTubers

Getting views on YouTube is easier said than done, especially if you’re a beginner. Still, these tidbits will help set you on the right track to becoming a YouTube sensation.


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Focus on One Video at a Time

One of the easiest ways to make headway on YouTube is to concentrate on one thing a time. It makes it easier for you to plan your content and convince people to subscribe to your channel.

So, be sure to pick a theme and stick with it for a month or two. That way, you will gain traction faster as opposed to dealing with multiple subjects at a time. Think of it as a way to enable you to create related videos that will draw the attention of your target audience better.

Don’t Focus on Subscribers Too Much

You will not get your first five hundred subscribers in one week or two. At times, it may be a couple of months before you hit that milestone. So, use most of your time making high-quality videos that people will love to watch.

In other words, put your energy toward putting your channel out there. And, while no one will tell you about this, the value of your YouTube content is what will attract your views and subscribes. In fact, you shouldn’t think about subscribers in the next ninety days.

Work on the Sound

Sure, you have to shoot high-quality videos to get noticed. Even, don’t be swayed to think that quality here means clear images only. The audio has to be on point as well.  So, avoid windy locations such as mountain tops.

Also, make sure that you’re not placing your finger on the microphone if you’re using your smartphone.

The Bottom Line

YouTube is a brilliant platform to showcase your talent, product or service. When done right, it can turn into a full time, income earning venture. You only need to get the basics right, and you’re good to go. Don’t forget to reply to comments by your subscribers once in a while.