How to prevent hair loss in men

No man wishes to suffer hair loss, but sometimes we seem to lose control on how to prevent such from happening.

A reduction in the hairline is a clear indication of baldness for men, and many of them utilize different means of covering this, using a combover.

If you have tried several means to hide your receding hairline and all effort has proved abortive, I will suggest you try this tips as it will help you to effectively sort out your receding hairline issue.

Use quality shampoo

One of the causes of the reduction in your hairline is due to the type of shampoo you have used in time past.  Some shampoo has the ability to cause your hair more harm, while some can help to keep your hair intact and strong. Make sure you get a shampoo that has vitamins as part of the ingredients as this help to strengthen feeble hairs.

Use supplements

Some men have chosen to make good use of some supplements to keep their hair strong and one of the supplements is omega 3.

Basically, this supplement is been used to improve the heart and joint health but it does affect your hair as well by making it strong and improving its health. You can get more information on this from

Keep away from the sun

Exposing your hair to the sun will affect its strength and makes it becomes feeble.

This has been the major cause of receding hairline and it is unknown to most men out there. You will be doing yourself good by getting a face cap to prevent your hair from the sun. This habit will make your hair stronger and firm and it will reduce your risk of having a receding hairline.

Regular exercise

Daily physical exercise can help you maintain and sustain your hair. When you engage in physical exercise there are more requirements for oxygen in the body.  And this process will increase your respiratory rate thereby causing more pumping of blood into circulation.

This blood contains oxygen and nutrients that help to give strength to your hair and makes it firm.

Using herbs

The use of herbs to prevent receding hairline is effective and has been in use for years. There are many herbs that can help you maintain and sustain healthy hair.

Using the extracts from aloe vera can help you prevent receding hairline. All you just have to do is to apply the extract by rubbing it on your hair as it can serve as you hair cream.

Another natural means to prevent receding hairline is through the utilization of green tea. Drink much of green tea on a daily basis and you will notice a great improvement in your hair because it has the essential components to block DHT which causes hair loss.