Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips

You wake up one day and your lawn mower refuses to start. Or it sputters then dies off. It leaves you high and dry, when you were ready for some serious mowing. What do you do in such a situation? When you get yourself stuck in this situation, you need to do several things to find the cause of your problems.

Check the Gas

The first step is to check the gas. It might sound dumb but many people forget this step only for a repair person to tell them they don’t have gas in the mower. Once the gas level is confirmed, then you can check the next section. If you are using an electric mower, you need to make sure the battery is well charged otherwise it won’t work.

If the mower is running and suddenly begins to emit smoke, you need to suspect low oil levels. It might also mean the engine is overheating due to low oil levels. Add oil to bring the levels up to the required level.

The Spark Plug

The spark plug has made many homeowners fail to mow their lawns for days on end. Check if the spark plug is attached properly. At times the connector on the spark plug becomes disconnected and the mower won’t work at all. If the spark plug is connected properly, you need to check if it is working at all. This can be the issue if you changed the spark plug ages ago.

The State of the Grass

If you find the mower quitting on you and becoming bogged down when you try to mow then it is a sign that the grass is too tall or too wet to get mowed. The issue arises when the grass clumps in the blades to make them stop turning. You can fix this by removing the clumped grass and leaving the grass to dry before going on.

The Bag

If the grass comes from the side of the mower as you mow, then you need to empty the bag regularly.

Nothing Works

If you are using an outdated mower that takes a lot of coaxing to work, then it is time to get a new mower from Lawn Mower Lane for your needs.


A lawn mower is a great equipment to have around the home. Just like any other equipment, this tool begins experiencing issues as it ages.