Perhaps Ask Santa for Some Youtube Views?

I know what I’m going to ask Santa for Christmas this year. Youtube views it is. Yep, I recently started my own Youtube channel but it’s awfully quiet so what better than use this opportunity to grow my Youtube channel, and hopefully my subscribers as well.

Now, this all sounds ideal but before getting into buying social engagement there are a few questions I want to have answered first so I dug into the web to make sure I’m not going to do something that I might regret.

Is it even possible to buy Youtube views?

If you ask Santa nothing is too crazy I suppose but we’re old enough not to believe in myths so yes you can buy Youtube views at a wide variety of places, there are even sites that review these vendors like

Other ways to increase views on Youtube?

There are a plethora of ways to increase your views. How about sharing your video with people that might be interested in it? You can share it on your Facebook, on relevant forums, on Twitter, and even on Reddit. If you own a website you can even embed one of your videos there or you could offer some site a guest post and embed your video in that post to get even more eyeballs on your video.

Is it illegal to buy such views?

It definitely won’t end you in jail but there are some moral objectives of course. Then again it depends on how you treat the term ‘buying’. If you buy ads on Youtube or Google and direct those users to your Youtube video you are also buying views, indirectly of course but it’s still a way of buying.

We both know we are not talking about that kind of buying so although it’s not illegal it is against Youtube’s terms of service that you agreed upon when signing up. I haven’t heard people that got their video removed, it does happen but only when the content is questionable, fill in yourself.

Can buying views affect my account in other ways?

Yes, when I bought views for one of my videos the rankings inside Youtube’s search function initially increased but later on my video dropped off the charts, never to gain a natural view again so be a little careful and use it on a test video before you dive deep into it.