Select The Right Garage Door Opener To Add To The Security Of Your Garage

An efficient garage door opener provides you the ease to open the garage door without getting out of your car. Nowadays, you can find variety of garage door openers with advanced technology. Each and every type has its own features and capacity. If you are planning to purchase a garage door opener, it is very important for you to know about its types and features. For information regarding garage door openers, you can visit


There are different types of garage door openers which are listed below-

  • Chain drive garage door opener- They are commonly used garage door openers. They make some noise while opening the door because they come with a chain that makes it work. They are inexpensive that is why many homeowners prefer them. They are designed to lift heavy garage doors.
  • Belt drive garage door opener- This type of garage door opener functions quietly because it comes with rubber belts instead of a chain.  They are expensive than chain drive garage door openers. Belt drive garage door openers are becoming popular day by day because they work silently and they can lift heaviest garage doors easily. They are strong door openers and they work smoothly and efficiently.
  • Screw drive garage door opener- These garage door openers are easy to install and require less maintenance. They are powerful and function efficiently. If you keep them lubricated properly, they will not make noise while functioning.

Nowadays, computerized garage door openers are also becoming popular. They have no screws and chains. They work efficiently and smoothly but they are more expensive than other types of garage door openers.

Motor system

Garage door openers come with motor systems that function at different power levels. You should consider the size of a garage door while purchasing the garage door opener. Apart from this, you have to consider the horsepower that is required to open your garage door. It depends on the weight and size of your garage door that how much horsepower is required. You should buy the garage door opener which has appropriate features to work efficiently on your garage door.

Garage door openers come with keypads and remote control. You can simply operate the garage door opener with remote even while sitting in your car. Keypads help you to lock the garage door. You can even lock it for a longer time if you are going outside for some days. Garage door openers come with safety mechanism. The safety mechanism sends a signal to the door opener system when there is any type of obstruction in the path while the door closes. This is an essential feature which helps to protect you from getting hurt while entering inside the garage.