Six Things to Know Before you Buy a Juicer

Nearly everyone accepts that juicing is a healthy habit, as long as you do it within the confines of a healthy diet. When you decide to purchase your own juicer, which you can use to prepare fresh juice at home, here are the factors to consider.

Fruit and vegetable juices affect your health differently

For many consumers, a juicer is meant to prepare fruit juice such as apple, mango, or orange. However, it is important to understand that the juice consist of two separate categories with different results on your body. You can do fruit juice or vegetable juice. Experts warn that taking excessive fruit juice may actually increase your chances of getting heart disease.

Fruits are full of fructose sugar, which converts into triglycerides. When that happens in the liver, there is less production of insulin, which eventually increases the risk of getting heart disease. In essence, experts argue that drinking fruit juice may increase the risk of heart disease while eating whole fruits can lower the condition. Therefore, when buying a juicer, consider juicing mostly vegetables—and you should get the right machine for that purpose.

Continue eating vegetables

Even if you make vegetable juice, it is still advisable to continue eating vegetables. By drinking vegetable juice, you get adequate minerals and vitamins, but you lose fiber, which is equally important. Fiber promotes digestion and helps you remain satisfied for longer. By eating vegetables as well as drinking their juice, you top up the overall nutrient intake that your body needs. You can find more information about functional juicers here:

Juicing may stop you from losing weight

Even if vegetable juice contains less fructose than fruit juice, you can easily consume calories that you don’t need. If your goal for juicing is to reduce weight, then you still need to consider reducing the portion size and even reduce it completely when you continue adding weight. It would be advisable to consult an expert for weight loss to determine the right amount of vegetable juice to take per day.

Prepare for more shopping

Juicers take in a big amount of vegetables to make just a small quantity of juice. At the same time, you still need more vegetables for your regular meals. In order to keep your fridge stocked, you need to shop more for vegetables. If you don’t do that, then having a juicer in your kitchen would not make much sense.

Prepare to part with a good amount of money

A functional juicer is not cheap. While different varieties exist in the market, you will still part with a good amount of money to own a mid-priced model. Moreover, a larger machine may be difficult to clean and requires more space for storage. If possible, go for the smaller models.

You will invest your time

While shopping does not take much time, preparing vegetable juice for two or three people might take up to 30 minutes or more. In addition, you cannot store vegetables for a whole week inside the refrigerator so you will have to do frequent trips to the grocery.