The benefits of laser and rotary laser machines

Laser and rotary machines are both similar as they can engrave a variety of materials. Selection of machines depends on their intended use. As long as they are applied to the specific use they will produce excellent custom results.  One difference that is easy to see is by looking at the finished product it is able to tell which machine was used to engrave it.

Although the machines are similar they actually operate differently. Both machines have strengths and weaknesses it is important to decide based on what fits your expectations. Depending on the materials how often you engrave and the amount of work you have.

Either machine can have its advantages

Laser machines are leading in technologic engraving developments. They are far faster cheaper easier to use than the rotary machine. This makes them the most popular selection on the market. It is a more versatile machine that delivers great results.

Versatile machine with applications that gives you the freedom to engrave. Whatever you wish to engrave the laser engraving can be applied to it. It works better on unique applications and materials.

The rotary machine has a large advantage when it comes to engraving metal surfaces. It can engrave all types of metals whether they are coated or uncoated.  This is the main advantage of this machine.

Due to technological improvements, current rotary machines are much faster than previous rotary machines.

Picking a laser machine

There are various machine sizes. When choosing the size of the machine it depends on the size of the material you will use to cut and engrave. The benefits of a bigger machine are that it will allow you to cut bigger materials as well as smaller ones. It will also allow you to work on multiple materials at once.

The power of every machine is measured in watts. Therefore, the more watts available the more powerful the machine will be. The power of the machine is very important for cutting materials faster. A weaker powered laser will mean having to slow the laser down to make a good cut.

Pick a company with a good reputation for customer support

Lasers are complicated machines and do break down. Therefore it is important to make sure that the company you buy from offers good technical support after you buy the machine. Needham Coding comes up recommended again and again.

It is also important that it is feasible to get replacement parts easily. Most company’s websites should offer tutorials on how to operate the machine effectively and also fix it if it does break down.