The Pregnancy and Exercising Dilemma: Elliptical Machine to the Rescue

The rigors of hitting the gym change when you become pregnant. Some machines and routines become taboo and you might not gather the same energy you had before pregnancy. Before you cancel out the gym altogether, you need to consider the elliptical machine. This is because studies show that exercises offer extensive benefits to you the mother and the kid as well. It is a well-known fact that regular exercise during pregnancy results in an easy delivery.

Question is, how are elliptical trainers suitable for the pregnant woman, and how can you achieve a perfect workout on this machine?

These Machines offer Low Impact Workouts

Low impact workouts mean that you are safe as you work out – you don’t risk sustaining injuries to your joints or straining your muscles. This translates to a safe workout for you since you won’t be putting any strain on the uterus and the womb.

The best thing is that the machines come with a wide range of settings that allow you to change to a more comfortable workout whenever you feel any strain. This is in contract to jogging or using a treadmill, which can exert a lot of stress on the joints.

One of the problems of pregnancy is low back pain. The best solution to this is to use an elliptical machine that has a reclining seat to give you all the comfort as you exercise. This exercise also prevents excessive weight gain, improves your energy level and helps you reduce risks associated with pregnancy.

Perfect Cardio Workouts

Even during pregnancy, you need your heart to work at its best. The ideal situation is to get a machine that gives you the best cardio workouts to maintain your heart in an excellent condition. However, make sure to work at a normal pace and not to exert yourself.

Are You Using the Machine Properly?

The first step when it comes to elliptical machine workouts is to get an ideal one for the task. Next, make sure you maintain the correct posture while exercising and put on loose-fitting clothing. Have a bottle of water at hand to make sure you stay hydrated throughout the workout. Additionally, monitor your heart rate using an external heart monitor, or the inbuilt monitor that comes with the machine.

Features to expect

Different elliptical models offer a number of different features you can make use of while pregnant. You can get one with moving or stationary handlebars. Use the stationary bars to maintain your balance, or use the moving handlebars to exercise your upper body as well.

These machines also have settings to adjust the incline and resistance depending on the level of intensity you wish to achieve. Latest machines come with an interface that gives you feedback on time, distance, speed, heart rate and the calories you have burned during the workout. Customize these settings to hit your target and attain your goals.

Final Thoughts

You can use the elliptical machine on daily basis to keep fit during pregnancy. Doing this helps you avoid the common issues arising during pregnancy, excessive weight gain and helps keep your heart in excellent condition.