Top Features Of The Best Milk Frothers

Milk frothers are kitchen appliances used in coffee shops to adorn coffee (especially espresso) with a thick layer of foam, but you too can purchase such a device if you like to add a creamy texture and a foamy froth to your coffee. These essential tools incorporate air while heating up the milk, which is what produces that velvety froth adored by so many people.

However, milk frothers come in many models and types, and have different advantages, so choosing the right tool depends on finding the features that work best for you.

Electric, manual and battery-operated devices

Milk frothers can be electric, manual or battery-operated. The electric ones are more popular because all you have to do is plug them in and they are ready to use; moreover, they can produce the thick and creamy foam you desire in just a matter of minutes. If you want to find out more about electric milk frothers, you can check websites such as and learn about the pros and cons of getting your own. Manual devices are less popular because you will have to do most of the pumping action required by the milk to become thicker. Battery- operated milk frothers are also popular, but make sure to choose a model that runs on rechargeable batteries.

Handheld versus container-style 

Most milk frothers are either handheld or container-style. If you have ever used a hand blender, you will definitely get used to the handheld milk frother quickly because it works in a similar way; all you have to do is pour milk into a mug, place the milk frother inside, turn it on and use it until you achieve the desired consistency without having to worry about spilling out the content. However, handheld milk frothers work on batteries and this can become a disadvantage if you forget to buy new ones, but choosing a model with rechargeable batteries should do it. Handheld milk frothers also have a plain design that makes them more affordable.

Container-style milk frothers are electric devices which are also very easy to use; they come with a jug or a container where you will pour the milk. Then, turn on the device and wait until it converts the milk. Even though container-style frothers can yield smooth yet firm milk froth, the content may sometimes spill out and create a mess. Moreover, they are more expensive because of the greater capacity they provide and of their fancy design. So, if you are planning to use such a device occasionally, it is best to choose a handheld milk frother with rechargeable batteries, but if you want to enjoy this type of coffee each day, go with the container-style one.